Episode #307: ‘Agent Carter’ 2x01 - The I Don't Know Man

Apr 30, 05:29 AM

The ReWatchable crew is back to discuss Agent Carter season 2, episode 1, “The Lady in the Lake.”

Warning: We had some technical difficulties with this episode, so please excuse any issues you might hear! Also, there are no Endgame spoilers.

Superfans: Danielle and Karen

Newbies: Ariana

Fun Facts:

Karen ate Panda Express. Ariana likes Taco Bell. Danielle bought a trench coat.

Agent Carter season 2, episode 1, “The Lady in the Lake”


-We get a great Magicians-style recap.

-How did Ariana feel about the finale?

-We get a bank heist — with a twist!

-But the clothes. Oh my God.

-What’s Jack compensating for?

-Why is Dottie so obsessed with Peggy?

-What do we think of the two SSR agencies?

-What about their two chiefs?

-Ariana wrote an essay.

-Thompson and Sousa have weird relationships with Peggy.

-Ariana reveals what she knew going into the show.

-They’re shooting the show very differently now.

-The lady in the lake is pretty creepy.

-Jarvis and Peggy have reached ultimate friend level.

-We meet Bernard.

-Rose is back! So is the I Don’t Know Man.

-How do we feel about Jason Wilkes?

-What’s Agent Carter compensating for?

-Is it weird that most everyone likes Peggy now?


-And Mr. Jarvis continues to be invaluable.

-Jack is embarrassing Ariana.

-The FBI puts an end to Jack’s investigation pretty quickly.

-Is Jack swayed by the FBI’s offer?

-Do we like Jack and Daniel’s relationship?

-Was Whitney Frost shady from the beginning?

-Sousa has a girlfriend. :(

-But would he and Peggy even make a good couple?

-What about Jack?

-Where’s Angie?

-Favorite Scenes

-Favorite Lines

-BONUS: Season 1 Bloopers!

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Listener Feedback:

-Yes, we do read the email. We’ll try to be better about it!

Ariana’s Assumptions:

–Agent Carter season 2, episode 2, “A View in the Dark”

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