Episode #309: ‘Agent Carter’ 2x03 - Friendship Goals

May 02, 04:51 PM

The ReWatchable crew is back to discuss Agent Carter season 2, episode 3, “Better Angels.”

Although we have all seen Endgame at this point, this episode is spoiler-free! Any future episodes are fair game, however!

Superfans: Danielle and Karen 

Newbies: Ariana and Nasim

Fun Facts:

Nasim has her American driver’s license now! Someone hit Ariana’s car yesterday! Karen is reading Aru Shah and the Song of Death. Danielle is reading Agent Carter: Season One Declassified.

Agent Carter season 2, episode 3, “Better Angels”


-Did anyone actually think Wilkes was a Russian spy?

-Howard Stark is making movies now, and we still love him.

-Code Pink! Did this scene have as much impact as it could’ve?

-Peggy sneaks into the club and discovers something curious…

-What did we think about Jack’s return?

-Is he a bad agent? Is he a bad person?

-Howard is on the case!

-Did Peggy mourn Wilkes enough?

-Let’s talk about Wilkes’ representation and how he was written.

-We get kind of angry, but it’s also kind of necessary.

-Are we at all empathetic to Whitney Frost?

-Did we expect her to start absorbing other people?

-What exactly is the relationship between her and her husband?

-How much danger was Peggy actually in?

-Jack finally knows Peggy was telling the truth.

-Favorite Scenes

-Favorite Lines

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Listener Feedback:

-We can’t wait until Rachael catches up!

-We said something very smart and insightful and don’t remember doing it.

Ariana’s Assumptions and Nasim’s Narrative:

–Agent Carter season 2, episode 4, “Smoke and Mirrors”

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