Discussing Beware the Cat

May 05, 11:31 AM

Discussing: Beware the Cat

Host Robert Crighton discusses with Dr Rachel Stenner of the University of Sussex, Beware the Cat by William Baldwin - a book about talking cats which has been turned into a stage production – details and tickets can be found via the links.

The project blog: https://bewarethecat.home.blog/ - or follow them on twitter @bewarecat  

Tickets for the May 2019 show https://www.attenboroughcentre.com/events/3054/beware-the-cat

Tickets for the July 2019 https://www.rsc.org.uk/beware-the-cat  

Dr Rachel Stenner is a lecturer in English Literature 1350-1660 at the University of Sussex - The Beware the Cat project is supported by: University of Sheffield, Festival of the Mind; 

Society for Renaissance Studies; University of Sussex, Higher Education Innovation Fund

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