The Official Eurovision Song Contest Podcast - Episode 1

Episode 1,   May 13, 2019, 10:24 PM

The Official Eurovision Song Contest Podcast, hosted by Dave Goodman and Joe Mason, brought to you by the EBU.

In each episode of the Official Eurovision Song Contest Podcast, we’ll be meeting a crew member from the production team working directly on the production that you see on television, we’ll hear from someone who oversees a technical area of the broadcast, and we’ll meet a member of staff from the participating delegations who are responsible for the on-stage artists and their performances.

In the first episode, Joe speaks to some of the people who have a critical role in ensuring the show can get off the ground in the first place. You'll hear from the person who’s responsible for making sure you can actually see the 3 live shows – and how it’s done, the crew member in charge of getting the artists on and off the stage, plus you’ll hear more about how broadcasters select their artist.

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