Should we move to a four day week?

May 22, 04:00 AM

Is a four day working week realistic — or desirable? Chris Jeffery from our Asset Allocation team and Lara Bernard-Villeneuve in our Active Fixed Income team have looked at the data and think it’s more than a leftist’s pipe dream. Set in the context of a history of declining working hours in industrialised countries, the move does not seem so stark – and need not necessarily trigger a drop in wages. In fact, the boost in productivity accruing to companies and countries who have trialled the measure is clear.

With investment implications that stretch from tipping the balance in the workforce away from labour and towards capital-intensive production methods, to a boon for leisure sectors and female participation, join us for an interesting discussion on the opportunities and risks of reduced working hours.

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•    Chris Jeffery, Strategist, Asset Allocation
•    Lara Bernard-Villeneuve, Junior Portfolio Manager, Active Fixed Income
•    Mark Chappel, Senior Investment Writer

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