Charlie Lim: Time/Space, Check-Hook, and... We Are Singapore

Episode 8,  May 25, 2019, 11:00 PM

Charlie Lim is one of the most distinct voices in the English pop music scene in Singapore. Intricate, versatile, and confessional - his music sets the mood whatever the mood. Charlie joins us in this episode to give us fascinating insight into his journey, which has taken him from studying music in Melbourne to selling out shows at the Esplanade. Along the way, he has released two albums - Time/Space and Check-Hook - and even reworked "We Are Singapore" for the National Day Parade in 2018.

But much like his music, Charlie is incredibly thoughtful and circumspect about his success. Despite being one of the leading lights in the music industry in Singapore, Charlie is very much like the rest of us - he still questions the meaning of his success. So strap yourselves in for a conversation that takes in hope, apprehension, and happiness in equal measure.

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