135- Life, Love And Laughter With Paula Grooms

May 23, 07:36 PM
Easily the most informative episode that Lacey and Amy have ever been a part of! 

Relationship expert, life coach and fellow podcast sister, Coach Paula Grooms, joined us to tell us how she does it all! She has figured out men (seriously! Has anyone else ever done that?), how to successfully get through life, and she lets us know her secrets! 

Plus, she answered questions from our lippy hippies!

Paula really is fascinating... and also lucky that she doesn't live around here because Lacey wants to embrace her and have her in her life constantly! #comingontoostrong ?

Big thanks to our guest and new friend Paula Grooms! Check her out for yourself at makehimwonder.com. She just launched a podcast with the same name, Make Him Wonder! Give it a listen, fall in her with her like we have, and you will learn A LOT while you are there! Be sure to do us all a favor and subscribe/ rate and review to both of our podcasts on iTunes, Google Podcast, Spotify, and all of those fun places that you are listening!

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Have a happy and safe Memorial Day! And thanks for listening!

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