The Patterson-Gimlin Film Part 6: Conclusions with Bob Gimlin

May 26, 2019, 01:08 AM

Join Forrest & Scott for the final part of their epic series on the veracity of the Patterson-Gimlin Film in this conclusions episode that features and interview with 87 year old Bob Gimlin himself.

Whether you believe in Bigfoot or not, the story of the Patterson-Gimlin film remains a superb example of the scientific investigation of an anomalous event that falls within the realm of the paranormal.  Other documentation of things like UFOs, ghosts, and other cryptids have come under close examination throughout the years, but little has been of such relative quality and few examples if any have been able to provide such relatable data to examine.  This relatability is due to the corporeality of the subject in the film.  Whether an unknown primate or a man in a suit, it seems it is something from the world of which we know.  Perhaps it’s not any data which is so troubling and debatable amongst the authorities, but the implications that data leads to if the film is authentic.  In any case, it is a film and an event which deserves full reconsideration.  Although of little value to scientists, another component worth considering is the personal experience, because it is that which gives the rest of us context.  As we wrap up this series with our conclusions, we were fortunate to talk with one of the two men who were there, Bob Gimlin.  Maybe character shouldn’t be considered when trying to determine the validity of this incident, but we can attest that Mr. Gimlin is as real and genuine a man as you’ll meet.  After decades of remaining silent about his role, we’re grateful he’s finally agreed to tell his story because he deserves to be heard.

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