Thirteen Percent Of US Women Get Breast Cancer. Co-Host Shayna Is Now One Of Those Women. When Bad Things Happen, What Is God Doing?

Season 1, Episode 25,   May 30, 2019, 09:13 AM

When bad things happen, where is God? Is God dishing out punishment?

These questions arise as Shayna shares her news that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will be undergoing treatment over the summer.

How do we manage when life gets difficult? How well does our culture do, in times of difficulty?

What In God’s Name approaches current events and culture not from a partisan political angle, not from a money and economics angle, not from a technological and scientific angle, but from a theological and philosophical angle.

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Here are timecodes to help you navigate through today’s show:

01:07     According to US Breast, 12% of US women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Shayna shares that she is now one of those women.

03:13     Chris asks Shayna, “When you share your news, what is helpful for you to hear?” What would you want to hear?

05:55     What makes for good care, when you are being present to someone with pain or grief or sadness?

07:30     When bad things happen to good people, how do we understand God’s presence, or absence, or indifference? Does God send bad things into our lives as punishment? Can God make bad things happen to nations, to punish whole peoples? 

12:23     Is anxiety the opposite of faithfulness? If not, what is?

14:10     Do you agree that we would be better off as a society if we could ground ourselves in something “bigger,” something that commands our allegiance and forms us into more mature people?

17:13     Is God all-powerful and all-loving? Could God not be one (or either) of those things, and still be God?

20:23     Can we find our way through life without others?

22:00     Shayna sends us on our way with a benediction for the summer.