Democratic Values and the Love of America

Aug 07, 2019, 01:42 PM
We recorded this show before the most recent mass shooting in El Paso. That murderous violence, part of a pattern of white nationalist violence in our recent (and not-so-recent) past, underscores the What In God’s Name conversation about What powers are currently at work in the American spirit? What values do we believe in? How can a sense of the Transcendent (in both non-religious and religious contexts) help set a life-affirming course direction?

Shayna pins some hope on Robert Mueller’s report and Congressional testimony. Chris invokes Walt Whitman.

What In God’s Name approaches current events and culture not from a partisan political angle, not from a money and economics angle, not from a technological and scientific angle, but from a theological and philosophical angle.

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Here are timecodes to help you navigate through today’s show:

00:30     Shayna declares that Chris is recording this show with his lower extremities “in the buff.” Chris clarifies.

01:17     Chris expresses skepticism about the importance of Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress. Shayna rebuts.

05:08     Shayna identifies the racist rhetoric coming from our president, and presciently warns that divisive words lead to divisive consequences.

06:55     Societal values are always being contended, if not fought over, generation to generation. True or false? 

08:28     Chris shares his six loves in doing What In God’s Name. Do you share any of these loves? Would you add any? As one of Chris’s loves, the conversation turns to Walt Whitman’s vision of American democracy.

12:10     It’s time for people who love this country in its diversity to stand up. How does idealism, or a sense of the transcendent, help us in this time?