Jack Juggler - Full Cast Adaptation

Jun 11, 2019, 10:13 AM

A Full Cast Audio Adaptation of Jack Juggler

A Full Cast Audio Adaptation of Jack Juggler
Jack Juggler decides to get his revenge on one Jenkin Careaway, a servant to Master Bongrace. He does this by stealing the identity of Careaway, and causing his mistress and master to turn against him. A knockabout Tudor comedy, probably originally performed by children or students, first printed in 1575. This is the first play from our season of work chosen by our patrons. To get involved in deciding our future seasons, become a patron today!
Jack Juggler is performed by Heydn McCabe, Jenkin Careaway by Simon Nader. With Leigh McDonald as Dame Coye, Nemonee Stone as Alice Trip and Go, and Geir Madland as Master Bongrace. The Prologue and Epilogue is performed by Rob Myson. Additional voices by Robert Crighton. Pollie Hall, and the Beyond Shakespeare Irregulars. 
Jack Juggler is produced by Robert Crighton, with most of the location sound recorded in Bury St Edmunds - except for the opening school sounds, from the wonderful people at http://www.freesfx.co.uk

You can follow the text online - though some texts are better than others. Good editions of the play can also be found - not always in print, but still in circulation - and are worth the hunt.

An online version - with some variations in text - can be found at project Gutenberg here. Other online versions can be searched for. 

Editions: Four Tudor Comedies - Penguin (1984), Three Tudor Classical Interludes - Tudor Interludes Series, D.S. Brewer (1982)

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