Preetipls: Singapore's #1 Podcast Guest

Episode 9,  Jun 16, 2019, 12:00 AM

Preetipls has at various times been Singapore's #1 fashion influencer, #1 daughter, and now apparently #1 podcast guest. She famously scored E8 for her O-Level Mandarin, yet Mandarin is at the heart of her burgeoning career. Her comedy and music make astute observations about our society and are at once irreverent and tongue in cheek.

But in today's episode, we find out more about Preeti Nair - the person behind the character. Preeti has truly had to earn her success - through humour, she has overcome massive disappointment in her professional, personal, and academic lives. It all means that her comedy is comedy with a conscience, and so in this episode - much like in her videos - get ready to simultaneously laugh at and question your personal beliefs.

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