Keyboard Warriors with Madeline Huff /Hoof and Babs Rawson

Jun 20, 2019, 08:12 PM

Actress singer and space hopper (it was a lean time) Anna Mann talks to a couple of old friends from the murky past

Actress Anna Mann recounts her wayward life and talks to other Thespishes. This time I chat to my old pals Madeline Hoof / Huff and Babs Rawson who appeared with me a long time ago in the ground breaking Keyboard Warriors. 
So full Disclosure - I have been ill darlings and also without anyone  to help me with sound so quality wise this is a pile of shit, it really is. The interview is cursed with an ugly buzz, the wraparound bits are accidentally done in mono and there appears to be a tiny man writing with a pencil throughout. That said content wise - could be the best yet - ignore the dress, love the lady.