The Poetaster by Ben Jonson (Prologue)

Episode 82,   Jul 03, 2019, 08:01 AM

A quick look at the beginning of a play, though just the beginning mind.

The Poetaster by Ben Jonson (Prologue) - What's Past Is Prologue
A performance of the pre-show material to The Poetaster by Ben Jonson. It's a fun start which is very much caught up in attacking Jonson's rivals. We;'re only slightly joking when we suggest you watch this video at the same time as the introduction to the podcast -
- because there is a relationship between what this prologue is trying to do, and the public feuds that we see in modern media. And they both have snakes.
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Envy is performed by Sarah Golding, the Prologue by Rob Myson and the episode is hosted and produced by Robert Crighton. 
Additional sound effects from the wonderful people at