The Reset Rebel Meets OpenLab's Robert Miles

Jul 08, 2019, 03:01 PM
After the sad passing of musician and composer Robert Miles more than two years ago, we wished to pay our respects, but also massive homage to a man we felt was a radio renegade.

As the founder of, not only did Robert have a beautiful vision when he started the station - at a time when options were limited - to create an alternative place for us to rest our weary ears upon, but, he gave us hope. 
A hope for exactly the kind of scene we are starting to experience musically on the island now. Through nights like World Unplugged, SoFar Sounds and little impromtpu gigs from Nick Mulvey at La Paloma. 
Musically the island is opening up. Changing.

We wished to unleash this audio, recorded By Jo Youle the presenter of this show in 2014 in Santa Gertrudis, to remind people what is about. Remember its roots, its soul and why even now, it still needs help to stay On Air.

Robert is widely known for this track, Children, which exploded in 1996 on his album Dreamland. But his connection to the island through music was also linked to so many other aspects, like his creativity, his love of nature, architecture and design.

We wanted to celebrate on this podcast the fact is back on analogue and FM dial this summer in Ibiza, but also to let you know they need help to keep the dream alive.  

Please Pop onto their website and donate if you can to keep this incredible radio stations output and sound quality high and on air. 
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