Wandering Beyond Boundaries with Nidhi and Col. Satty

Jul 14, 2019, 11:51 AM

An exclusive interview with the co-founders of Wander Beyond Boundaries; and about their upcoming expedition to the Pole of Cold.

Welcome to the seventh episode of the Mark and Embark Podcast by ScoutMyTrip. The host for this season is the co-founder - Vineet Rajan.

In this episode we talk to the dynamic duo of Nidhi Salgame and Col. Satinder Malik who are wandering beyond all boundaries.

Wander Beyond Boundaries was co-founded by Nidhi Salgame Tiwari (the 1st woman to drive a trans-continental distance from Delhi to London and the 1st Indian to drive to the Pole of Cold in north-eastern Siberia) and Col. S Malik, SM, Retd. (an ex. Army man having served for 24 years with many years of experience in extreme terrain driving in Kashmir, Sikkim, Congo and beyond). WBB is a coming together of many years of being outdoor, of adventure, driving and expedition experience.

In this interview, Vineet finds out more about 

  • How it all started
  • About Nidhi and Col. Satty 
  • What makes WBB so different 
  • Their upcoming expedition to the Pole of Cold - The Edge of the World
  • What it takes to do one of these expeditions 

You can also watch the video which showcases more about this drive. The Pole of Cold has four self drive cars; and you can book a slot for yourself by checking out the booking page on ScoutMyTrip.

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