142- Old Faces, Different Places

Jul 18, 03:16 PM
It's been a while but we are back, we are prepared, and we are ready to talk our old faces off!

Yeah, Lacey tried that stupid face app and made Amy do it too.. The results are very shocking. But we aren't too scared to share! Is anyone happy with with their outcome? 

But most importantly.... What the heck happened over this long holiday? For some, it was something straight out of a horror movie... and an intervention was required!

Plus, it didn't take long at all for an intern to ruin someone's innocence!

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We might have neglected the socials for a minute but it's time to start having fun on those again! We are posting our sad, old face pics... Are you brave enough to do it too? Share those with us (if you dare!), as well as any fun stories, thoughts or feels that you have! @looselipsandchildbearinghips, @looselipships, @kiddnationtoasterchronicals. 

We are soo happy to be back! Thank you so much listening!

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