Dissecting Disney Parks, Pt 1: Hyper-realism, "Magic" and Irony

Jul 24, 2019, 05:13 AM

We'll come out and say it: Erin is a Disney Parks skeptic - and while friends and travelers all over the world rave about the "magic" of the Disney Parks experience, we had to look at this phenomenon with a critical eye... because of course had to!

Are you a Disney fan, or maybe a Disney skeptic? In this episode of Alpaca My Bags, Erin chats with her guest Sennah, who has researched the hyperrealist tactics behind the Disney parks. They dive into everything from why it's the Happiest Place on Earth to the "incidents" that have happened in the parks.

ANNOUNCEMENT! This is our last episode of Season One of Alpaca My Bags, and if you've made it this far with us, we can't thank you enough for your support! We'll be back in the fall with Season 2, with some amazing notable guests and bolder topics to come including; extreme tourism, sex tourism, accessible travel and so much more - we hope you'll join us!
Plus, during our hiatus we'll be posting some awesome bonus content so you don't miss out on any alpaca goodness.

Thank you again for your support this season!
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