Episode 99: Follow The Leader

Jul 26, 2019, 09:00 PM

The 99th Episode of The People's Podcast follows up on last month's controversial #EbonySTILLOwes topic (spoiler alert: They STILL Owe). Jay talks about the fallout from the episode, explains in more detail why he did it, talks about how the companion piece ended up on Medium (Link Below) and further expands on how Ebony is still jerking people around.

Then we shift gears and talk about the need for better leadership in not only media, but in business in general. Why there is a big difference between being "In Charge" and being a "Leader," going at my industry for its fear of being real about Racism...Plus he has a word to the wise for those of you headed to Miami for #NABJ19. (And I apologize in advance for that terrible rhyme at the end.)

Thank you for making these last few episodes the greatest ever for this show and thanks for hanging with us as the #RoadTo100 comes to the finish line.

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