Dani LaMartina-Strength, Rehab, and Staying Grateful

Episode 21,   Aug 01, 2019, 02:00 PM

Had an amazing conversation with Dani LaMartina, she's a DPT, top ranked USPA powerlifter, columnist for EliteFTS, as well as a coach who does programming for strength and performance, as well as injury prevention and management from a biomechanical, physiological, and psychological perspective. She currently lives and works in Loveland, Colorado, and offers both in person as well as remote coaching for strength, general fitness, and rehabilitative and preventative work.

In this episode we talk:

1-Her PL journey and what she's currently dealing with health wise
2-Dealing with Injury and recovery both mentally and physically
3-How she helps clients both as a DPT and co0ach where there may not be any fast solutions for recovery
4-The Insta PT accounts and when you should seek out and hire a pro
5-Male Vs. Female coaching
6-Women DPTs in the Strength sport community

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The Tattooist of Auschiwitz by Heather Morris