How to Coach Millennials, Generation Z and Girls vs. Boys - Mike Butters

Aug 05, 04:30 PM
Mike Butters was a player in the AHL, a General Manager in the AHL, and Assistant GM for Tampa Bay Lightning. Today he occupies several roles as a Midget Hockey Coach for the Seattle Snow Kings Minor Hockey Association, The owner and president of Seattle Hockey Academy, The Owner of Preferred Promotional Products, and a Managing Partner for Players Capital Group. Mike discusses key concepts such as coaching girls vs. boys, the importance of networking, the American Development model (ADM), coaching millennials and generation Z, the new NHL, and respect.

Table of Contents:

0:25 – Guest Intro

1:19 – Youth Sports Growing Up 

5:08 – Phones/ generation differences 

8:13 – Teamwork and camaraderie

10:04 – Networking 

22:02 – The impact that coaches have

29:55 – Respecting coach and players 

31:22 – Coaching girls 

35:16 – Take on the New NHL

36:58 – ADM (Athlete Development Model)

46:25 – Top 3 Characteristics of great coaches

55:41 - #1 tip for coaches just starting out

1:03:20 – Coaching Minor Hockey