The Packing Checklist for a Ladakh Road Trip

Aug 01, 2019, 12:22 PM
Welcome to the 10th episode of the Mark and Embark Podcast by ScoutMyTrip. The host for this episode is Myra Naik.

In this episode Myra talks about packing for a safe and comfortable road trip to Ladakh - The land of high passes!

Ladakh, the place needs no introduction.  Some call it  ‘a paradise’ while some call it ‘heaven on earth’. Well, according to some it is the only place which gives you mental peace and tranquility. Whatever the reason, if a trip to Ladakh is in your list of places to travel, then be sure to tick it off your checklist sooner than later.

But what’s life without some adventures, eh? But, yes let us all try and stay safe with this 11 point packing checklist when curated specially for you when you visit Ladakh.

The last and final point, we would like to add for anyone going to Ladakh is to have a rock solid road trip plan which gives you information about important things like petrol pumps amongst other important markers.

For this ScoutMyTrip allows one to hire a travel expert or Scout who plans an entire itinerary and provides virtual travel assistance while you are on a road trip. 

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A bit about our super epic road trip planner.

ScoutMyTrip allows 25 points on a single map compared to 10 that Google offers. To start doing that you'll need to head to the road trip planner and simply enter and start and end locations.

There is more you can do on the planner, and I would request you to check out our video tutorials.

If you would want us to plan the trip for you, check out our pricing for road trip planning services or simply pick a curated road trip package that you and your friends can enjoy!

About how travel experts can help you on a better road trip

Did you Indians spent over 900 million hours last year planning road trips? And even after spending so much time planning, they are still caught with uncertainties that come with travel - how are the roads, where are the good restaurants, will my family be comfortable and so on. So why not leave the planning to the experts; and travel worry free. All you need to do is Hire a Scout who does all this for you, and provides online virtual trip assistance while you are traveling.

Sounds like a good idea? Sure is, because it's the hottest innovation in the travel industry; and travelers love it!

It's time to Hire a Scout and travel worry free!  

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