(KtB! Archive) 06. "Experiencing Evangelion" Pt. 5 - Eps. 19-22 Commentary

Season 1, Episode 6,  Aug 03, 2019, 08:11 PM

(KtB! Archive #6) James (@KickTheBeckett) and Doc (@TheSubtleDoctor) discuss what they've been watching, what its like to read Harry Potter in the year 2019, and then they dive right into their commentary Episodes 19-22 of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Note: This episode originally aired as an episode of the Kick the Beckett! Podcast, before the show became Media Missile Circus in 2021

"Experiencing Evangelion" Part 5 - Episodes 19-22 Commentary (aka - "Kaji Takes Shinji to His Watermelon Patch, Which Totally Isn't a Dirty Innuendo For Anything, We Promise")

How is Toji on Shinji's Brain-Train in Episode 19? What is going on with how everyone is pronouncing "Fuyutsuki?" Is there even a point to how bleak and upsetting the show is becoming in these final episodes? Find out in this commentary track for Neon Genesis Evangelion, Episodes 19-22.

Approximate Timestamps
What We've Been Watching (And Reading): 00:45
Commentary for:
Episode 19. A Man's Battle - 30:32
Episode 20. Of the Shapes and Hearts of Humans - 52:47
Episode 21. The Birth of NERV- 01:15:00
Episode 18. Staying Human - 1:42:00
Wrap-Up - 2:11:00

Produced by James Beckett
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Original KtB! Art by  Danielle Daniels (https://danielledaniels.art/)
Media Missile Circus Art by Phil Dragash (Twitter: @PhilDragash)