Episode #320: ‘Veronica Mars’ 4×01 – It’s a Cussin’ Good Time

Aug 14, 03:56 PM
The ReWatchable hosts have come together to discuss Veronica Mars season 4, episode 1, “Spring Break Forever.”

Fun Facts:
Maj has been watching Bob Ross on Netflix. Kendra is going full-on Harry Potter. Karen is hoping to eat some Indian food. Danielle crashed a 30th birthday party.

Veronica Mars season 4, episode 1, “Spring Break Forever”:
-How do we like the new theme? What about the title sequence?
-How are we liking Keith and Veronica’s relationship right now?
-Check out the Mars Investigations commercial Danielle was talking about.
-Do we need to worry about Keith because of all his health issues?
-What’s Veronica and Logan’s relationship look like?
-Mature Logan is a great Logan.
-What did we think of the proposal? Did we think Veronica was going to say yes?
-Did Logan take the rejection too well?
-Does Keith like Logan? Do they have any kind of relationship?
-Wallace is adorable and we’re so glad he’s here.
-Will the class war and the race war come together into one storyline?
-Is it normal to spend so much time away from Veronica?
-Nicole is a total badass and we’re here for it.
-Who are the victims of the bombing? What do we think of them?
-Do we have any idea whodunnit?
-Are we interested in the Mexican drug cartel storyline?
-What are the chances we may see Duncan (or his daughter)!?
-What do we make of the new chief of police?
-What’s going on with these rats?
-What do we think about this episode as a season premiere and as a reboot episode?
-Was there any missing pieces in this episode?
-Famous Faces and Where to Find Them
-Favorite scenes and favorite lines

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Listener Feedback:
Murder She Wrote: Veronica Mars is totally gonna happen.
-We’re so happy we’re watching this show!
Predictions for Veronica Mars season 4, episode 2, “Chino and the Man”!

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