Using data to start key discussions with your athletes – with Jen Mavis, UMBC Soccer - Ep. 7

Aug 19, 10:53 AM

UMBC Women’s Soccer's Assistant Coach talks about preventing soft tissue injuries, building trust between coach and athlete + more.

On the line today is Jen Mavis. Jen is Assistant Coach and Director of Camps and Clinics for UMBC Women’s Soccer. She has previously held positions at William & Mary and the University of Oklahoma.

Among the topics Jen will discuss are building trust between coaches and athletes, adapting in-season training, and preventing soft tissue injuries.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:
  • The fundamentals of a successful soccer program? 
  • Building trust between coaches and athletes 
  • The growth of exercise science in soccer 
  • The ‘student’ element of a student-athlete 
  • Combining objective and subjective data 
  • Preventing soft tissue injuries 
• How Jen ended up at UMBC (1:05)
• The fundamentals for a successful college soccer program (1:40)
• Today's student athletes vs when Jen was playing (2:27)
• Jen’s main coaching philosophies (3:32)
• Learning from mistakes to improve coaching (4:55)
• How college soccer has changed (6:08)
• Should the NCAA change the substitution rule? (7:34)
• Rapid fire questions (9:40)
• How UMBC Women's Soccer use Firstbeat Sports (10:58)
• How UMBC apply Firstbeat’s Quick Recovery Test with their athletes (11:41)
• Athlete buy-in (13:40)
• HR data vs RPE questionnaire (16:11)
• Using sports technology with the new generation of athletes (18:05)
• Making training decisions from Firstbeat Sports data (18:32)
• TRIMP scores for different player positions (20:08)
• Weekly TRIMP scores UMBC aim for (21:05)
• Preventing soft-tissue injuries (22:20)
• The future of soccer in the U.S. (23:18)

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