How To Help Reduce Official Abuse - Brian Barlow

Sep 09, 04:30 PM
Bryan Barlow is motivational speaker and a passionate highly requested and recommended soccer referee. Brian Barlow is also a father, pilot, golfer, writer & Emmy award winning TV Producer and husband of long-time best friend Lori Barlow. Barlow is no stranger to center stage so it was no surprise when the little “Offside” project went Viral the summer of 2018.

Making a bold statement is one of the fundamental pillars of impactful marketing, Barlow took his own advise a few years ago and offered $100 for anyone who captures referee abuse and its posted on the Offside page. We’ve received more than 6000 videos to date and we are the only grassroots campaign discussing the negative impact fan behavior has on youth sports.

Table of Contents:
0:00 - Intro

1:40 - Sports Growing Up

5:30 - Creation of the “Offside” Page

10:50 - Referee Attrition in the USA

17:20 - What have organizations done to improve the issue

24:20 - Identify the “2%”

29:05 - Parent Outrage Videos and what is the worst sport

32:30 - Wrestling Outrages

35:00 - How can organizations retain their officials?

38:35  - Officials Pay and rewards

42:00 - What can we do to help young officials get better and be 

47:00 - “Offside” Training Modules

52:00 - Just love watching them play!

54:40 - Book Recommendations

55:20 - Resources 

58:00 - What can organizations do to make the children love the game more?