Events, Marketing & Communications Consultant & Founder - Emily Philp

Aug 28, 2019, 05:30 AM
This week’s wonderful guest is Event, Marketing & Comms Consultant and founder of Flex Events, Emily Philp.

Emily shares her creative journey to discovering event management and her own surprise that she founded her own business. She discusses the importance of resilience and having a sense of humour; both when running an event but also in managing her company, 'because things will go wrong.'

She also stresses the importance of having networks, meeting people and connecting and gives her top tip for getting around the awkwardness that networking events sometimes exude, 'see it as going out to meet friends'.

She talks about the value of taking risks outside your comfort zone in your career and that by breaking down a focused leap into smaller parts boosts your confidence (and is also a thrill) when you achieve it.

It is evident in how Emily describes her career that she loves running events. Having witnessed her calm, creative expertise up close at Creative Equals' Rise event in May, I can definitely testify she is truly passionate and talented in what she does and how she does it.

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