Being a City fan, a kebab tale and will Griezmann succeed at Barça?

Aug 28, 04:49 PM
The new Onefootball Podcast is right here.

Well not here but two sentences below.

And this week, Ian McCourt is joined by Dan Burke, Daniel Cadena Jordan and Benni Kuhlhoff.

We have yet to cover all things LaLiga this season so we are correcting that in this episode.

That means there is plenty of Antoine Griezmann talk, plenty of problems at Real Madrid talk, plenty of Atlético Madrid chat and plenty more.

Since Dan is on the pod, there is time to talk about being a Manchester City fan in the current climate, as well as all that went on during the weekend in the Premier League.

We also answer your questions, finally get around to doing that taste test and we give Benni some time to talk about his beloved Bundesliga.

What more could you want?