How Many Frankenstein Castles Are There?

Sep 01, 2019, 01:47 AM

As you might suspect, there is only one Castle Frankenstein. It's located in Germany. All the rest are impostors and imitations.

All the coolest monsters had castles, didn’t they? Dracula, Frankenstein…okay that’s all I can think of. (If you know of any I’m forgetting, feel free to remind me.)

One of the August 30th days on Haunt Jaunts' Weird Holidays & Observances page is Frankenstein Day. In honor of that, let's take a jaunt to Castle Frankenstein in Germany. (There are other places that call themselves "Frankenstein's Castles, but make no mistake. There is only one that inspired author Mary Shelley's muse to create Frankenstein.)

Based on the blog post "How Many Frankenstein Castles Are There?" published August 29, 2019. 

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Music: “Phantom from Space” by Kevin MacLeod / Incompetech
Host & Guide: Courtney Mroch, Ambassador of Dark & Paranormal Tourism