"Last Call" with Steve DiSchiavi of The Dead Files

Mar 04, 2020, 08:27 PM

Belly up to the bar and listen to our conversation with Steve DiSchiavi about a specific episode of The Dead Files filled with hurricanes, serial killers and curses.

Court got a chance to talk with former NYPD detective Steve DiSchiavi of Travel Channel's hit show, The Dead Files, about a specific episode airing Thursday, March 5: "Last Call."

Along with his partner, psychic medium Amy Allan, Steve travels to Palatka, Florida, to investigate violent paranormal activity at a downtown bar, Steamboat Willie's. The owners claim all hell broke loose when they began renovations, and they fear the family business is cursed.

Court got a chance to preview the episode in which Amy ends up having some surprising advice not just for the bar's owners, but for the town of Palatka over all. 

In addition to talking about the bar's history and Steve's approach to gathering witness information, they also discussed his findings when he researched the town's history, which included finding info about: 

  • Mary Emily Boyd, the woman credited with saving Palatka during the Civil War
  • William Darrell Lindsey, one of most prolific serial killers in Florida history 

What connection --if any-- do they have with the bar's paranormal activity?

Speaking of activity, Steve revealed some surprising information when Court asked if anything happened in the bar while he was talking to its owners, Tiffany or her husband, Johnny. Find out why he leaves that end of things to Amy. Mostly by choice, but also because he may be what's known as a "diffuser."