Costume & Set Designer- Sophie Thomas

Sep 04, 2019, 05:31 AM
This week's guest is the gracious Costume & Set Designer, Sophie Thomas.

Sophie shares, after careful consideration, choosing a creative path over following in her family's vocational footsteps and becoming a 4th generation Doctor Thomas.

After completing an art foundation Sophie chose the costume and set design course at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, realising it would give her more practical creative skills than an art degree. She discusses her love of collaboration within set & costume design and stresses the importance of the script to unlocking the creative imagination needed to take audiences on a journey within the theatre.

With set & costume design roles mostly being freelance, Sophie shares her experience and some of the challenges she has faced as a result. Juggling jobs, late payments and trying to pay the rent meant that she had to reassess how she viewed both her role and her values. She discusses that putting in place some boundaries ensures she is able to keep being creative, healthy and happy.

Sophie is articulate, thoughtful and wildly talented - a gem!

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