Episode #324: ‘Veronica Mars’ 4x05 - Max Greenfield Is Also a Snack

Sep 11, 05:23 PM
The ReWatchable hosts return to discuss Veronica Mars season 4, episode 5, “Losing Streak.”

Fun facts:
Kendra went to a loosely Harry Potter themed bar where pretty much all the drinks are on fire. Kristen is psyched for the start of football season and, therefore, fall. Danielle has a weird association between tomatoes and chocolate chip cookies that she has no idea how it happened.

Veronica Mars season 4, episode 5, “Losing Streak”:
-Logan definitely lets a little jealousy show about how much time Veronica has spent with Leo.
-Does he have a reason to be jealous of their friendship?
-Police Chief Langdon is a little rough with how she handles the latest bomb victims’ father, but he was kind of an ass.
-How does this show want us to feel about this police force and the new Chief?
-You know what, let’s go to a party. Veronica and Nicole wreak a little bit of havoc. Just a tiny bit.
-Sometimes you leave a party to go do a little shooting, not a great thing to be doing under the influence, if you ask us.
-Nicole gets honest with Veronica about her rape, and V is really quiet about it.
-Veronica bugs Nicole’s office at the end of the episode, and we have some differing opinions about the how and why of it all.
-Let’s talk about Veronica and Weevil’s scene in this episode.
-Big Dick and Clyde are working with the PCH-ers
-Keith gets day drunk with Clyde and it’s interesting (and kind of cool) that Keith has friends.
-Pizza guy does have a small presence in this ep, as he picks through the bomber’s letter with the other murderheads.
-Ducks and bugs and rats, oh my!
-Mattie is evolving into Veronica 2.0 quite quickly.
-How do we feel about things coming full circle?
-Keith is thinking of not only retiring from the business, but of closing down Mars Investigations altogether.
-Talk about full circle moments: Can Keith end up as Veronica’s receptionist, please? Lol
-Logan thinks that Veronica isn’t happy at Mars Investigations, which really took us by surprise.
-If Veronica wasn’t happy away from Mars Investigations, why wouldn’t she be happy there?
-Favorite scenes
-Favorite lines

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Listener Feedback:
-There really should be more Peggy Carter.
-Max Greenfield is also a snack.
-I’m not sure what to say about this one.
iZombie would definitely be an interesting choice… hmmm.

Kristen’s Kontemplations for Veronica Mars season 4, episode 6, “Entering a World of Pain.”

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