Episode 101: Game Winner

Sep 13, 2019, 04:02 AM

After the landmark 100th Episode of The People's Podcast, we keep the illustrious guests coming for Episode 101. This episode features a conversation with Cheddar eSports and Grass Routes Podcast host Erin Ashley Simon.

Erin took time from her busy schedule to talk all things gaming and eSports plus we get to know more about her including (Interview starts at 20:00):

• What her first game system was and how it set the course.
• Her thoughts on the competitive nature of gaming
• The rise of eSports
• Why this generation of kids and young adults can be themselves
• She has some choice words for media bums who talk slick about gaming
• Why Hip-Hop is in her bloodlines
• Rapid fire on games
• What one game would she take on a desert island with her?

Plus, we thank all of you for your support on Episode 100, Jay turned 40!, and what was his first gaming experience.

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