Antonio and Mellida (Epilogue)

Sep 13, 2019, 10:14 AM

A quick look at the end of the play Antonio and Mellida, though just the end mind.

Antonio and Mellida by John Marston (Epilogue) - Epic Epilogues
Performances of the epilogue to Antonio and Mellida by John Marston - a piece of action that will one day be used as a bit of ammunition in the War of the Theatres - because Ben Jonson will steal the image presented here and use it against Marston. Another epilogue to listen to is The Poetaster - it's really fun - though a brief extract featuring Rob Myson is included here.
The epilogue is performed (four times, each different!) by Fiona Thraille - a British voice actor, narrator and audio producer who has worked in voiceover, podcasts, and who has narrated and produced over a dozen audiobooks through Audible. She is the founder and producer of Dashing Onions Audio - an audio drama podcast, was co-host and producer of the Audio Drama Production Podcast for a year, and has given lectures and presentations on aspects of audio drama podcast creation.
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The episode is hosted and produced by Robert Crighton.
Additional sound effects from the wonderful people at