Pioneering a movement in affordable art, with Will Ramsay, founder of The Affordable Art Fair

Season 5,  Sep 16, 2019, 03:00 AM

This week on Conversations of Inspiration Holly meets Will Ramsay - founder of the Affordable Art Fair.

With a shared passion for art and supporting creative individuals, as well as a joint belief in the power of curation, this is an episode filled with sage advice and a particularly poignant letter to close the conversation.

In this episode, Will and Holly discuss his unique upbringing, being one part of a military dynasty, with a very significant grandfather, and how that shaped his life as an entrepreneur.

Will founded the Affordable Art Fair just over twenty years ago, with a purpose to democratise the art world, which at the time was deemed snooty and only for the upper elite.  His business has not only made it easier for more people to buy art but given greater opportunities for artists to make a living.

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