Minisode 9: Your Season 1 Favorites

Sep 16, 2019, 12:00 PM
We be drinkin’ and we be swearin! 

On our previous minisode we discussed our all-time favorite moments from Season 1. We chatted about the episodes we loved, drinks we enjoyed and side banter we laughed at. This episode we flip this question ask to y’all and listen to some of the feedback we received.

We hear from Morgann from Brooklyn who talks about Andrew Jackson’s stinky cheese and Shirley Chisolm (Episode 6). Tim, king among men, chats about the joys of editing 2+ hours worth of booze-inspired outtakes that happened when we explored the history of the Panama Canal and President Harding’s affairs (Episode 2). Brenda, our first Patron, ::insert dancehall horns:: shares her favorite moments from season 1, she talks about her favorite scandals (Episode 10), cocktails AND side banter (Episode 7) !! Gold star for Brenda! Friend of the pod, Annie from Ohio, writes in with some thoughts as well!

Y’all came through with such thoughtful messages this episode! Do hug yourselves for us in a lingering but non-creepy way, thanks loves!

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