Episode 473 - SFGT | Korean Folk Stories - Spirit Snakes, Hobgoblins, Mutangs 📚

Episode 478,  Sep 20, 2019, 12:00 AM

Korean Folk Stories - Spirit Snakes, Hobgoblins, Mutangs 📚
~ Imp's, Ghosts, and Fairies OH MY!
1: Korean Folk Tales - Imp's, Ghosts, and Fairies
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What's on today?
Welcome lovely listeners, and today I bring you five Korean tales, written in 1913, translated from the book Korean Folk Tales – Imps ghosts and fairies, with authors notes from Im Bang. The stories I have are just the beginning of these kinds of tales. As I was reading them they strike me as a more magically focused, and lean to spirit energy in their tales, which is interesting.
The Japanese, and Irish folk lore that I’ve read in the past focus heavily on morals, whilst these folk tales are more focused on narrative, and somewhat theatrical. So in your tales today you’ll have magic snakes, hobgoblins doing strange things with humans, Mutangs, and so much more mates
Enjoy your brilliant listeners! 😱
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