Ibiza - The Reset Rebel heads to 1972 plane crash site with Simon Reid

Sep 23, 2019, 02:50 PM
This week we head to the highest point in Ibiza by Ses Roques Altes with our guest Simon Reid from Walking ibiza to talk about the islands only ever air crash in 1972. 

Jo Youle takes a hike up to the forgotten alter with her guest to experience the full range of items left behind and are still there today being collected  one by one after the plane exploded like a fireball in the sky upon impact killing 106 people.  

Its almost 50 years since the disaster, which its thought to have happened when the pilot was distracted discussing football.

Simon our guest works for WALKING IBIZA and we are about to give away yet another Around the Island Walk worth 1500 euros to charity through the guides this summer. Drop us a line to @theresetrebel on instagram or email us justthegoodnewsplease@gmail.com  if you know someone who needs a rest and wishes to join us.
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RR Team