How do you make a Beogram 1200 spin?

Apr 01, 2012, 10:48 PM
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sm2n - over 5 years ago

Thanks everyone for your assistance. Here is the next installment in the story...


sm2n - over 5 years ago

Thanks for your comments, Pallox. I've been having a look inside this evening and I've found a bent switch. Well, I think it is. Please see this link (including photos)...


Pallox - over 5 years ago

I´ve got one of these too. Didn´t spin at all at first until i opened it up and examined the motor unit... All i had to do was to replace the thick hard dried up grease in it to make it spin again. It has ball-bearings as well that should be cleaned up and re-oiled. Wouldn´t say it is very difficult but it probably shouldn´t be ones first attempt as a handyman.. While at it, change it´s belt as well...


sm2n - over 5 years ago

Thanks, everyone. Yes, that would be a concern, james :-(


syzygy - over 5 years ago

I was going to suggest the motor was possibly faulty. It may well be that it used a fairly standard PLL motor controller - or at least that one could take the motor assembly out of another turntable, but then, you'd not have a B&O ....


macolgan - over 5 years ago

Maybe have a look at this Simon... might help.

I know the 1200 had a tapered "idler" pulley, which the belt might have ridden off of >