Exploring: Nice Wanton

Episode 108,   Oct 08, 2019, 09:09 AM

Exploratory read through and discussion of the play Nice Wanton

Nice Wanton, by anonymous (dated somewhere between 1547 - 1553) - with the version that we have having probably been revised around 1560.

Nice Wanton is a fascinating interlude, a moral tale that is... somewhat judgy. Anything fun is bad and will lead to disease, poverty and death. As usual, a rough read through - with only a couple of "strong message here" accidental reading of stage directions as dialogue.
There is an online version of the text available on Project Gutenberg here - other versions do exist, though we're not sure if they're in print. 

The Irregulars were Liz Cole, Richard Fawcett, Mark Scanlon and Alan Scott, with host Robert Crighton.
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