shit on my mind-s.rose*

Apr 03, 2012, 12:46 AM

got some shit on my mind that i need to get off my chest, go ahead an kill me, no bullet proof vest, ya'll a mess, talking out your ass, see this kids i graduated with an all i can do is laugh. all ya'll rappers lyrics is trash, shout out to my cousin spangy, doin his thang see, if it wasnt for me livin so far id be doing it with him, fuck writing shit, free style rhythem, einstines wisdom, getin brain by a collage chick, call that knowlage cause i just tricked em, was in second place but i killed number one so he the victum, im the predetor he the pray, in thes streets we dont play, fuck off with that he say she say, all these clowns claiming they let they heat spary, if so spray it my way, cause im living in the slow lane i want to take the high way, straight to the gates, cause im sick of this place, people now adays look you in your eyes and lie straight to your face, push the clutch shift to 3rd and now im winning this race, im on my fast shit, yall on your slow pace, you only live once we know that, uncle eddy rest in peace i hope that, uncle scoot rest in peace i hope that, cousin josh rest in peace i hope that, see you in the sky, microscope that, in a way i wish that ya'll were back, but your in a better place now so i hope that ill see you soon, im in a rush to go like an action movie with a boom.....with a boommmmm. #rose #steven