Moving Towards Access Over Ownership

Episode 2,  Nov 04, 2019, 09:30 AM

In this episode, we will explore how consumers are increasingly choosing access over ownership and how this is disrupting the incumbent retail landscape and unlocking new sources of value.
Host Jamie Butterworth speaks with Walter Stahel,  widely recognised as one of the key thinkers of the circular economy and the founding father of the Performance economy
In part 2 of the podcast Circularity Capital Partner David Mowat speaks with Michael Cassau, founder of Grover, one of Circularity Capital’s portfolio companies who provide their customers with a flexible ownership model for consumer electronics.
  • The principles of access over ownership
  • Examples of circular economy business models within B2B and B2C contexts
  • The inspiration behind Grover and how it provides customers access over ownership
Time Stamp:
[00:57] Why write the book Circular Economy, A User's Guide
[04:18] The 6th challenge of the circular economy
[09:15] David on why consumers are engaging in access over ownership
[14:53] What led to the founding of Grover
[18:45] Reuse and resale pattern on Grover
[20:10] Why are people moving away from owning products

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