Closing The Loop With Reverse Logistics

Episode 3,  Dec 30, 2019, 10:10 AM

In this episode, we’ll be exploring one of the key challenges in any functioning circular economy: how to recover products and materials after one use cycle to enable their ultimate redeployment. 

Jamie Butterworth speaks with Hamdy El-Eraky, Global Circular Economy Project Manager at DHL Supply Chain. 

In part 2, Andrew Shanon speaks with Al Gerrie, CEO and founder of ZigZag Global. ZigZag Global is a Saas platform that helps retailers manage return stock for resale refurbishment or redistribution

  • Why DHL Supply Chain is interested in the circular economy
  • Example of how cannibalizing products for reuse can be more sustainable
  • "It's fundamental to get the product back so you can use it again for another consumer cycle and this is optimized if you are designing for circularity, you're designing the product and the materials to be used for multiple life cycles, so it's integral to a circular economy to have a very efficient reverse logistics loop."
  • "Returns are part and parcel of doing business and buying online."
  • How Arcadia reduced their customer queries by 40% after implementing ZigZag
Time Stamp:
[01:49] Hamdy's role at DHL Supply Chain and why DHL finds circular economy of interest
[07:40] Omni-channel logistics  
[12:23] Inner loops of circular economy
[14:10] Clients of ZigZag and their USP
[17:58] Example of how ZigZag dramatically reduced the impact of a retailer
[21:19] How ZigZag offer works for customers
[23:33] What is next for logistics

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