The mess at Dortmund, Libertadores fun and Sterling for Ballon d'Or?

Oct 24, 03:13 PM
On this week's episode of the Onefootball Podcast, Ian McCourt is joined by Joana Bueno, Lewis Ambrose and Francesco Porzio.

The Champions League is back and so too is the nominees for the Ballon d'Or – should Raheem Sterling win it? – and that is where today's podcast gets going.

With that out of the way, it is time for a deep dive into Real Madrid and the problems at Dortmund right now.

With that done, it is time to look ahead to the big game in the Premier League this weekend – Liverpool v Tottenham – and the big, big mess at Spurs.

With that fully examined, talk turns to the mess at Milan, the Copa Libertadores and your questions.

What more could you want?