Episode 16 | Multiple cases of minors being illegally detained and beaten up since August 5th emerge, children in deep trauma | Arrested minors lodged in jails, in violation of JJ Act | In conversation with Quratulain Rehbar

Episode 16,  Oct 28, 2019, 06:53 AM

85th day of communication blockade since August 5, postpaid mobile services restored, internet and prepaid mobile services still down.

The Juvenile Justice Committee (JJC) of the Jammu & Kashmir High court, comprising of four judges, submitted a report to the Supreme Court on India which states that 144 minors aged between 9 years and 17 years were arrested in the state since August 5. Lawyers and Human rights activists Firstpost spoke to say that the number is much higher. And so is the number of illegal detention of minors since August 5. Many of the arrested minors have been lodged in jails, in violation of Section 12 of the Juvenile Justice Act, which states that minors can only be kept in an observation home or a place of safety, during the pendency of an enquiry. 

In todays episode, Quratulain Rehbar will speak to us about how young children who were illegally detained since August 5th are coping with the trauma of this experience. Qurat will also detail the difficulties families of arrested minors are faced with. Included are excerpts from interviews with families of illegally detained minors.