(KtB! Archive) 08. Catch Up #1 - Zany to the Max!

Season 1, Episode 8,  Oct 30, 2019, 06:56 PM

(KtB! Archive #8) Welcome to Kick the Beckett! Catch Up, where James (@KickTheBeckett) and Doc (@TheSubtleDoctor) take a break from working on the next Experiencing Evangelion episode to catch up on all of the cool stuff the've been up to in the meantime.

Note: This episode originally aired as an episode of the Kick the Beckett! Podcast, before the show became Media Missile Circus in 2021

Catch Up #1 - Zany to the Max! (aka "Does Steins;Gate Ringabel to You?")

Produced by James Beckett
Theme Music by YESPOLLY (
Original KtB! Art by  Danielle Daniels (https://danielledaniels.art/)
Media Missile Circus Art by Phil Dragash (Twitter: @PhilDragash)