Swill Milk Mongoose: Episode 14 (NYC's swill milk scandal & Operation Mongoose)

Nov 04, 2019, 01:00 PM
We are kicking it old school with our cocktail this episode by drinking Ben Franklin’s hand-written recipe for milk punch. The punch is just as surprisingly tasty today as it was 256 years ago!

Also discussed: Milk with dinner, Fire Island drunkenness, Europe (pronounced Yerp), Snopes, how milk is not getting Stephanie, delicious soft cheeses from Yerp, DJ Khaled, and Tux’s young neighbors’ fancy self care routine.

Tux tells the sickening story of New York City’s swill milk and how it killed thousands of babies annually in the 1850s. This shockingly foul scandal was made possible by booze, capitalism and notoriously corrupt Tammany Hall. 
The Surprisingly Intolerant History of Milk

Stephanie chronicles the Cuban Project code name: Operation Mongoose, the secret US government-sponsored terrorism campaign blessed by JFK whose sole mission was to topple the Castro regime. The plan was a series of preposterous covert plots and unbelievable harebrained schemes.

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