Tales From the Walking Trails 03 - Around the Island Day One

Episode 4,  Nov 04, 2019, 06:33 AM

In todays show, we meet the 12 walkers who set off on the very first 12 day adventure Around all 252km of ibiza.
"You just put your mind on zero and one day we all will arrive and the most funny thing is, I will make it too," said Corame.
He is being held together by steel pins after a motorbike took him out in Holland and this is his big marker, to know he is fully back in his body. 
The German light tribe leader, is just one of the crew who inspired one another to make it the full distance. 
Jump into todays podcast for the full beginning of the blood sweat and tears that was involved in this experience.
You can join too, hop onto the www.walkingibiza.com website for info.
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