Tales from the Walking Trails - Tenth Birthday Extravaganza

Oct 12, 2020, 12:41 PM
Walking Ibiza celebrated turning Ten Years old at the weekend with ten walks over two days on the island.

Each day ended with a celebratory Birthday lunch at Can Cires in Sant Mateu accompanied by some wonderful live acoustic music from Nell Shakespeare and some speeches and old favourite Ibiza faces dropping by. 

There was singing in the Caves of Tannit, swimming, dancing and a few cheeky drinks to mark the occasion and founder Toby Clarke was joined on his Cala San Vincente walk on Day two for a little walk and talk for todays show with Jo Youle.

The pair also caught up over some much needed beers on the first day, after Walking Ibiza was forced to call the Sea Rescue due to one guest becoming unwell on the adventure at Bills Paradise. 

Plenty of action and so many highlights & memories on this celebratory edition of the podcast. 

We hope you enjoy and will join us for the very first of our ten Around The Island bite size walks this weekend - as we split the 240kms circumference into ten parts so you can join us in the Xmas run up and finish 2020 with a much needed bang!

All details on the www.wakingibiza.com website