Thematic investing – Your questions answered

Nov 06, 2019, 05:00 AM
In an episode earlier this year, Howie Li and John Roe discussed what separates long-term investment themes from fads. As Howie explains, the enduring themes are those that are changing the foundations of how we live and work – from disruptive technology to the energy revolution and demographic shifts.

Yet capturing these themes in an investment strategy is not easy, so in this episode Howie addresses some recurring questions we’ve received from listeners and clients. How do we avoid companies exploiting thematic buzzwords for their own marketing purposes rather than genuinely innovating? What is the difference between a thematic and a sector-based investment strategy? How can investors integrate themes into their portfolios? Is it possible to time exposure to themes?

Howie covers all these challenging topics and more in this conversation, while also sharing practical examples of how we can put the theory of thematic investing into practice.

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·         Howie Li, Head of ETFs

·         Robert StGeorge, Content Manager

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